4G/LTE RF Power Amplifier

QuantGrav provides multimode multiband power amplifier (MMPA) which integrates RF-MEMS filter has extreme linearity, high efficiency and low cost. QuantGrav’s MMPA based on thin-film bulk acoustic resonator filter and power amplifiers co-design, which overcome extreme challenge for power amplifier design company to integrate all bands in one power amplifier with good linearity and performance. To[…]


QuantGrav provides RF-MEMS filters based on thin-film bulk acoustic resonator technology. QuantGrav’s RF-MEMS filters help in avoiding the spectrum interference in data transmission, especially in 4G/LTE bands, with high quality factor, high out of band rejection ratio and low cost. Meanwhile, QuantGrav’s RF-MEMS filters enable high data rate communication links while extending battery life since[…]